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Indian trains in deadly derailment
Two passenger trains in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh derail within minutes of each other, killing at least 24 people, officials say.
Heath inquiries widen and Cilla's last moments
Cilla Black's death and the police inquires into Sir Edward Heath are focus on the front pages, while Labour's leadership race and the government sale of RBS shares also attract...
Operating room music 'a distraction'
Playing music in the operating theatre can be disruptive and surgeons should think twice about pressing the play button, according to a small study.
Experts to examine 'MH370 wing part'
Experts are due to examine part of a wing that washed up on the island of Reunion last week and is thought to have belonged to missing flight MH370.
What is Jeremy Corbyn's programme for government?
What do we know so far about left-wing Labour leadership contender Jeremy Corbyn's programme for government?
What's behind the 'anti-vax' movement?
Four experts share their thoughts on the anti-vaccination movement.
Sweden offers no easy immigration answers
Sweden has welcomed migrants to the country, but that does not mean it has been plain sailing, says Shaun Ley.
Chastened Assad faces up to reality
The Syrian President has been forced to acknowledge setbacks as he fights for the survival of his regime, says Jim Muir.
Loss of world's rarest ape charted
The decline of the Hainan gibbon - the world's rarest primate - has been revealed by a trawl through historical Chinese documents.
Hauliers owe £4m in migrant fines
Haulage firms and lorry drivers owe more than £4m in fines imposed by UK Border Force staff after migrants were found on their vehicles.
London set for latest Tube strike
A 24-hour Tube strike is due to start at 18:30 BST following the failure to resolve a dispute between unions and London Underground.
TUC reports rise in night workers
The number of UK workers who routinely work nights is on the rise, according to trades union body the TUC.
Heath investigated by five forces
Former Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath is being investigated by five police forces as part of their inquiries into allegations of historical child abuse.
Rock stacks reveal 'jumping' quakes
Scientists solve the riddle of why precariously balanced rocks near the San Andreas fault have never been toppled by earthquakes - revealing crucial interactions between faultlines.
Burnham 'would nationalise railways'
Labour leadership contender Andy Burnham promises to renationalise Britain's railways "line by line" if he becomes prime minister.
German prosecutor axed in treason row
Germany's justice minister sacks the country's top prosecutor, who had accused the government of interfering with a treason investigation.
Kids Company in closure warning
The Kids Company charity, which received £3m from ministers a week ago, tells the government it will close its services on Wednesday evening.
Giant inflatable minion stops traffic
A giant inflatable minion has been causing trouble in Dublin after escaping from a nearby fairground.

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