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Austria opens border to migrants
The Austrian chancellor says his country - and Germany - have agreed to let migrants cross their borders from Hungary.
Gay couples wed in Kentucky county
Authorities in a county of the US state of Kentucky start issuing marriage licences to gay couples after a county clerk was jailed for refusing to do so.
7-day GP opening 'unachievable'
The goal of seven-day GP opening is unachievable in this Parliament and risks destabilising services, the Royal College of Surgeons says.
VIDEO: Underwater treasures go on display
Rare ancient Egyptian artefacts discovered underwater are going on display in Paris for the first time.
VIDEO: Mother 'collapsed in tears' on migrant march
One migrant told the BBC's Matthew Price she was going to Germany to meet her husband. She had three children with her.
VIDEO: Syria burial for drowned Kurdi family
The bodies of drowned Syrian boy Alan Kurdi and members of his family have been buried in Kobane in Syria after being transported there from Turkey.
Ministers to 'argue for Syria action'
The government will start to make a case for UK military action in Syria next week, the BBC understands.
Faroe Islands 1-3 Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland are on the brink of qualifying for Euro 2016 after beating the Faroe Islands 3-1 in Torshavn.
VIDEO: Migrants tear gassed, media held back
Police and migrants have clashed at a refugee camp at Roszke, Hungary, near the Serbian border.
Clinton 'regret' over private email
Hillary Clinton says she wishes she had made a "different choice" and not used a private email account while serving as US secretary of state.
Girl shot by dad in 'act of revenge'
The mother of Mary Shipstone, who was shot by her father in the village of Northiam, tells an inquest it was an "act of revenge".
Cancer fund cuts 23 treatments
The Cancer Drugs Fund in England has cut 23 treatments from the list of medicines it funds.
Hugo Boss fined £1.2m over mirror death
Hugo Boss is fined more than £1m over the death of a four-year-old boy who was crushed by a free-standing mirror at one of its stores.
Four admit role in Hatton Garden raid
Four men plead guilty to conspiracy to burgle in connection with the Hatton Garden safety deposit box raid at Easter.
UK to accept 'thousands' more refugees
David Cameron says the UK will fulfil its "moral responsibility" by giving sanctuary to "thousands" more Syrian refugees and providing £100m more in aid to the region.
'No abnormalities' with Shoreham jet
The jet involved in the Shoreham air crash in which 11 people died showed "no abnormal indications", an initial report finds.
VIDEO: Japan's moving castle - in 40 secs
Timelapse footage shows the start of project to move a 400-year-old castle tower in the north-eastern Japanese city of Hirosaki to a nearby site.
VIDEO: Corbyn criticises MPs' 'faux drama'
Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn has criticised the conduct of MPs in the House of Commons.

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